Sermons - Misc. Speakers

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Date Title Presenter
2012-07-27 For Just Such a Time as This Susan Robbins Play
2012-07-20 Identity Crisis Keyle StStiemsma Play
2012-05-18 Serendipity Kyle Stiemsma Play
2012-05-11 Luke 15 Play
2012-05-04 Healing Presence Ministry Joe Mpabwanimana Play
2008-08-15 What's Your Priority? -11am Service Gus Martin - GAA Principle Play
2008-08-15 What's Your Priority? - 9am Service Gus Martin - GAA Principle Play
2008-07-18 Time for Letting Go - 11 am Service Kyle Stiemsma Play
2007-07-27 Identity Theft Wayne O'Bannon Play
2007-08-03 Faith-It's More Than Feelings Kyle Steimsma Play
2007-07-20 Looking in the Wrong Place Wayne O'Bannon Play
2007-06-08 Amazing Grace Dwight Withers Play
2006-05-12 How To Start Life Over Again Kate Keller Play
2006-04-14 The Easter Run Ed Keyes Play
2006-03-03 Your Appointment With Christ Shawn Boonstra Play
2006-09-08 Reluctant Queen Kate Keller Play
2006-11-24 John & Mary Giger in Concert - 8:30 am Service John & Mary Giger Play
2007-04-27 Catch the Vision Johnny Green Play
2006-05-19 Survivors Of Longest War Kyle Stiemsma Play